Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TEACHER FRIENDS: three tips for conferences

I came across this entry on Clutter Free Classroom's blog while I was blog hopping today. If you're getting ready for parent teacher conferences, here are three tips that I think are fabulous!

1. Schedule conferences before school to make a definite end time. I agree that many parents will chat and chat and chat even if they know that other parents are waiting. However, many schools start early and have minimum days set aside for conferences, so doing conferences in the morning before school just isn't practical. It would take entirely too long. As an alternative, I have seen many teachers send home notes that say how many minutes are allocated for each conference.

2. Send home question sheets 1-2 weeks before conferences urging parents to write down their questions or concerns regarding their student. This gives parents time to gather their thoughts before the conference, and it gives teachers a sneak peek into parental concerns that can be used to guide the conference. This also helps prevent "just one more question" as you are trying to begin your next conference.

3. Make a short slideshow of pictures for each student to show parents. It's a great way to start your conference, it allows parents to "see" into your classroom, and it shows parents that you care about their child.

Click here to see the complete article on Clutter Free Classroom's blog!

How do you prepare for conferences?

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