Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Monday

By now, the novelty of being back to school has worn off. We are in the middle October (which students and teachers would agree is the LONGEST month of the school year), so I thought I would share a few pictures from September. Perhaps they will take us back to those first few days of school when we were all SO excited to be back!

On the first day of school, I (I mean, uh, the desk fairy) was looking through desks in our first grade classroom. I was looking for student desks that had neat and orderly pencil boxes, a journal with their name on it, and a box that hadn't been written on. This year, we took the tops of the boxes that copy paper comes in and turned them upside down. The size is just about right for the desk, and it acts as a drawer that keeps all of their first grade treasures from falling all over the floor every time they need to take something out. On my search for 3 perfect desk drawers, I found the following:

I think it's a bookmark, and it made me cry. This sweet, adorable, optimistic first grader kept this in her desk all day. I wonder if she plays with it when she misses her mom. I wonder if it was a special present from her mom for the first day of school. I wonder how many times she missed her mom. I wonder how many times her mom missed her. Then, I found this on Facebook:

Could this be any sweeter?! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday back at school!

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