Sunday, October 23, 2016

Warm fuzzies

"Please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me, good job, nice try, may I, borrow mine..." Are these words that you often hear in a first grade classroom? No, of course not. Often, it's more like, "Here, give me that, let me have it, I don't want that one, move, GOOOOO, you ruined it."

I'd heard just about enough of that, especially since they were all such nice kids. I was teaching a lesson on friendship later that afternoon, and I decided to switch it up a bit. I stuffed my pockets with "warm fuzzies" and listened attentively for the first polite gesture or comment that I heard. Of course, I made a HUGE deal out of it once I heard it. The students were allaboutit for the rest of the day.

I heard all kinds of nice manners and kind words that made my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Genius, I know.

What have you done today to make someone feel warm and fuzzy?

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